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Pixtoria: Unleash Your Child's Creative Potential

"PIXTORIA welcomes all children 4 to 104, so long as you are accompanied by your Inner-Child"
Welcome to PIXTORIA
Multi-sensory Children Book Series
Where each tale is a vibrant journey unfolding through Multi-sensory Educational Books, eBooks, Audio Books, Animations, and eColouring Books.
Every element is carefully crafted, blending the science of colours with the art of storytelling to guide every child towards mastery of emotions, creativity, and critical thinking.
Our collections are more than just stories; they are experiences designed to ignite curiosity, foster wisdom, emotional intelligence (EQ), and inspire a lifelong love for learning. Dive into Pixtoria's enchanting world, where education becomes an adventure, and every colour illuminates a path to knowledge and joy.
A Complete 50 Book Programme

We immerse children in the enchanting world of PIXTORIA, extending the narrative beyond traditional reading into a rich, multi-sensory experience. Our dynamic combination of media includes guidance videos, music, visualisation exercises, and colouring books, all designed to stimulate, educate, and entertain. By integrating innovative technology with educational techniques, we make each story an interactive journey that encourages imagination, learning, and active participation.

PIXTORIA's Vision & Mission

Calling All Parents, Grandparents, Guardians and Educators

PIXORIA's Flagship Book
"Rainbow Quest: The Magical Journey to Pixtoria"

In "Rainbow Quest: The Magical Journey to Pixtoria", Casper's adventure unfolds as he follows a mesmerising rainbow into the enchanting world of PIXTORIA. Encountering mystical creatures and vibrant landscapes, he learns about bravery, creativity, and the power of friendship. As he navigates challenges, he grows emotionally and intellectually. Intriguingly, by the end of the story, the reader is drawn into the narrative, becoming a part of Pixtoria's stories and adventures. This unique twist continues throughout the next seven books in the series, inviting readers to join Casper on further adventures, deepening their journey into the magical world of PIXTORIA.

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"Rainbow Quest: The Magical Journey to Pixtoria"


"Rainbow Quest: The Magical Journey to Pixtoria"

Global Fund Raising will commence on March 21st 2024.
Experience the Magic of PIXTORIA with a series of free Multi-sensory educational stories on 21st March.
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In the enchanting world of Pixtoria, every hue whispers a story, every shade teaches a lesson. Rooted in the vibrant principles of Colour Psychology and Chromotherapy, Pixtoria's Colour-Centric Learning Model is an innovative approach to education and personal development. This model is intricately designed to cultivate the
7 Colours & 7 Cs, "Essential Life Skills"Creativity, Curiosity, Courage, Compassion, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Consciousness
using the dynamic spectrum of colours as a foundational tool.
Watch the video below to find out the unique Psychological and Holistic approach to the design of PIXTORIA Series

Science behind Pixtoria's Colour-Centric Learning Model...

Consider embarking on a vibrant detour about the dynamic influence of colours on human energy and mood. This enlightening 5-minute interactive journey could not only enhance your understanding but also award you with your very first Pixtoria Certificate! Ready to add a splash of knowledge to your day?

Just before we delve deeper into Pixtoria's innovative solutions...

Science behind every
Page, Word & Visuals in Pixtoria's Series Reviled...

Watch the video below to find out the unique scientific, Psychological and Holistic approach to the design of PIXTORIA Series

Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) and EQ: What's the big deal?

In this insightful video, we delve into the crucial need for balancing Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) and Intellectual Quotient (IQ) within the educational system. While IQ has traditionally dominated the academic landscape, the growing recognition of EQ's importance is reshaping our understanding of comprehensive education. We explore the transformative strategies and approaches necessary to create a harmonious blend of emotional and intellectual development in students, ensuring they are not only academically proficient but also emotionally intelligent, empathetic, and well-equipped for the complexities of modern life.
Find out the essential role EQ plays in early stages of children development, and how this focus is currently overlooked in favour of IQ.
Can we really wait any longer?

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