Meet Mr. Pixtoria & Co

I'm Amir Azizpour, a proud father of four and a doting grandfather to my grandkids, Casper and Cole. My family is my heart and soul, the true north of my compass. They've infused my life with endless inspiration, encouraging me to see the world with fresh, curious eyes and a heart full of wonder.

My grandchildren have an amazing way of seeing the world still full of magic and wonder. With Casper and Cole, doing magic tricks to make things disappear and reappear using special magic words "AGEE-MAGEE" was fun for me as much as them although around age of 2.5 they both managed to suss me out. Just seeing the spark of wonder in their eyes is worth a million!

I strive to think like a child, inquire like a child, imagine like a child and dream like a child, as these angels keep reminding me :)

Let's set our time machine to rewind back to July 1975...
Meet my 15-year-old self, standing proudly behind Orion-1, his handmade robotic creation. Here he is in a moment steeped in anticipation - it's the night before he leaves the comfort of home and family. With suitcase yet to be packed, his gaze is fixed on a future filled with new cultures, languages, and the crucial knowledge he seeks to imbue Orion-1 with intelligence. He's not just journeying to a different place; he's stepping into a world where his dreams of giving Orion-1 a spark of cleverness could become a reality. It's a story of courage, curiosity, and the quest for knowledge, poised at the exciting intersection of imagination and the great unknown.

As our time machine hovers in 1975, let's fast forward to the present...
Where the spirit of that young dreamer lives on in the joyous faces of Casper and Cole. These bright, young minds remind me daily of the magic and fulfilment found in pursuing dreams and turning them into reality. True, Orion-1 remains an ongoing project, a symbol of an unquenched thirst for innovation. But now, the baton has been passed, and the focus shifts to paving the way for the future of our grandchildren and children.

Casper's insightful questions and intuitive understanding of happiness beyond material wealth sparked a deeper reflection within me, paving the way for Pixtoria's creation, where imagination and insight intertwine.

Triggered by the simple yet profound wisdom in Casper's words, and Cole's pure love for magic, imagination and play, Pixtoria transformed into a realm where imagination, adventure and learning is boundless.

Author's History & Pixtoria

At the helm of Pixtoria's enchanting world stands Amir Azizpour, an author, educator, artistic director, therapist, inventor and innovator, whose lifelong passion for igniting imagination and unlocking potential shines through every pixel of this captivating universe. His journey to Pixtoria is paved with remarkable achievements, each one reflecting his unwavering dedication to transforming education into a magical adventure.
Pixtoria: A Testament to Vision:
  • Pixtoria is the culmination of Amir's lifelong dedication to revolutionizing education. It is more than just a story world; it is a living embodiment of his mission to create an immersive and transformative learning experience. Guided by his passion, research, and expertise, Pixtoria blends captivating narratives with multi-sensory learning to unlock imaginations, nurture essential skills, and ignite a lifelong love for learning in every child.

Meet the visionary. Explore the world. Embrace the magic.

Join us on this captivating journey into Pixtoria, where Amir's passion for learning, lights the way and every child becomes a hero of their own adventure. Let's Bring Emotional Intelligence into children education today!

Amir Azizpour
Amir Azizpour
A Pioneer in Education:
  • Early in his career, Amir saw the limitations of traditional education and embarked on a path of innovation. He founded MicroGeneral, one of the first computer programming schools in London, proving that complex subjects could be accessible and engaging for learners of all ages. This groundbreaking venture, at a time when personal computers were just gaining traction, led to the youngest ever children passing the City & Guilds 953 in computer programming, ages as young as 8.5, 9, and 10.

A Seeker of Knowledge:
  • Driven by a relentless thirst for understanding human behavior and development, Amir embarked on extensive training in various therapeutic practices, including psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, NLP, inner child therapy, and psychodynamic counseling. This deep dive into the human psyche equipped him with invaluable tools and insights that now form the very foundation of Pixtoria's transformative experience.

A Harmony of Experience: Tailoring Pixtoria's Path
  • "Outside-In Service Design" books, by Amir Azizpour, showcases the author's expertise in user-centered design and his passion for creating engaging, personalized experiences. These principles have been integral to shaping Pixtoria, a world where education is an immersive, tailored adventure. Drawing on his extensive experience, Amir has ensured that Pixtoria is a place where every child's learning journey is as unique as they are, making education a delightful and meaningful experience. This influence is a testament to his commitment to innovative, human-centered design and his vision for transforming learning into a magical quest of discovery and growth..

A Storyteller with a Mission:
  • Combining his educational expertise with his profound understanding of human psychology, Amir penned the Pixtoria book series. These beautifully crafted stories are not just captivating adventures; they are woven with the seven key effective habits and beliefs that empower children to become compassionate, critical thinkers, and creative problem-solvers. Each page pulsates with Amir's passion for learning and his unwavering belief in the limitless potential within every child

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An Inventor at Heart:
  • With a heart that beats for innovation, Amir has brought to life patented inventions, one of which proudly graced the pages of the Sunday Times under "Bright Ideas from the Patent Office." His inherent drive to explore and create has significantly shaped the design and vision of Pixtoria, embedding it with a spirit of exploration, learning, and imagination.

I see the world like a child, think of the world like a child, live like a child, act like a child but a total nerd and when it comes to creating something that serves a humanistic purpose.