Unlocking Potential:
The Power of Multi-Sensory Learning

Discover the transformative impact of multi-sensory learning in this concise video. Understand why, despite its proven benefits in enhancing retention and comprehension, its application remains limited in traditional education. Learn how Pixtoria's innovative platform and design concepts are setting new standards, making multi-sensory learning accessible and effective for every child. Dive in to see how this approach is revolutionising education!

Current Education Landscape

In today's rapidly evolving world, the educational landscape is marked by an increasing recognition of the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) alongside Intellectual Quotient (IQ). Despite this growing awareness, there remains a significant lack of structured EQ development within formal education systems. Meanwhile, evidence continues to mount in support of multi-sensory learning as a highly effective method for engaging students and enhancing comprehension and retention. However, a cohesive, universally adopted structure for integrating multisensory learning into education, particularly one that balances IQ and EQ, is notably absent.

Studies on multi-sensory learning consistently suggest:
"The overall efficiency of learning and retention increase significantly with the balanced approach that integrates multi-sensory learning, potentially by as much as 30-50%.

How effective is the Multi-sensory approach?

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