Meet Pixtoria: Revolutionising Child Learning Through Colour and Creativity

About the Author & Pixtoria

At the helm of Pixtoria's enchanting world stands Amir Azizpour, an author, educator, artistic director, therapist, inventor and innovator, whose lifelong passion for igniting imagination and unlocking potential shines through every pixel of this captivating universe. His journey to Pixtoria is paved with remarkable achievements, each one reflecting his unwavering dedication to transforming education into a magical adventure.
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Our Mission

To ignite the boundless potential within every child by transforming education into a vibrant tapestry of play, exploration, and discovery. Rooted in the 7 pillars of creativity, curiosity, courage, compassion, collaboration, critical thinking, and consciousness, we craft immersive stories, multi-sensory learning experiences, and innovative tools that spark imagination, nurture essential skills, and empower young minds to become confident, lifelong learners ready to tackle challenges and shape a brighter future.


Pixtoria: Where education transforms into a kaleidoscope of immersive stories and knowledge, illuminating the boundless potential within every child. Guided by passion and informed by science, we weave multi-sensory adventures that spark imagination, ignite curiosity, and empower young minds to explore, challenge, and shape a brighter future. In this vibrant tapestry of play and learning, children transcend borders and limitations, emerging as confident, lifelong learners ready to embrace the world with their unique brilliance.


Our Vision