Pixtoria: A Global Foundation for Nurturing Every Child


Pixtoria is crafted with a universal vision, embracing every child and culture at its core. Designed to deliver a globally relevant base of nurturing, it provides a series of 50 foundational books, forming a comprehensive 50-week programme. These books are meticulously created to be easily translated and localized, ensuring that children worldwide can benefit from this rich educational experience. Beyond the core program, additional stories can be seamlessly integrated to deepen the understanding of a child's culture and the values it represents.

Universal Core Structure
At the heart of Pixtoria lies a universally adaptable core structure that addresses fundamental aspects of human development. This structure is designed to cater to the global needs of emotional intelligence, creativity, and critical thinking, laying down a solid foundation for every child, regardless of their cultural background.

1. Inclusivity and Adaptability
Pixtoria's curriculum is crafted to be inclusive and adaptable. The 50 foundational books cover a wide array of subjects and skills, ensuring that children from any culture can find relevance and connection.
2. Translation and Localisation
Recognizing the diversity of languages and cultural narratives around the world, Pixtoria's books are designed to be easily translated and culturally adapted, making the program accessible and engaging for children globally.
3. Cultural Depth and Understanding
Beyond the global objectives, Pixtoria encourages the incorporation of local stories and cultural teachings. This enrichment ensures that while children are gaining a universal education, they are also deepening their understanding and appreciation of their own culture and heritage.

Practical Application

Pixtoria's 50-week/50-Book program acts as an engaging journey through various themes and skills. Each week, a new book introduces children to different aspects of learning, ranging from emotional intelligence and ethics to science and arts, all while being immersed in a richly interactive and multisensory environment.

1. Global Objectives

Each book is designed with global objectives in mind, ensuring that the essential skills and values needed in today's interconnected world are woven throughout the curriculum.

2. Cultural Enrichment

Alongside the global objectives, additional stories and modules can be integrated to reflect the local culture, history, and values. This approach ensures that while children are prepared to be global citizens, they are also deeply rooted and proud of their cultural identity.
3. Continual Adaptation and Growth

As cultures evolve and new global challenges arise, Pixtoria's flexible and dynamic structure allows for continuous updates and additions, ensuring the curriculum remains relevant and impactful.

Pixtoria is not just an educational program; it's a global initiative to nurture every child's potential. With its universally designed core structure and easily adaptable content, Pixtoria stands as a beacon of inclusive and comprehensive education. It prepares children not just academically, but holistically, honoring their cultural identity while equipping them with the skills and values needed for a shared future. By adopting Pixtoria, educational institutions around the world are investing in a brighter, more inclusive, and culturally rich future for all children.

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