Current Education Landscape
Colour Perspective


Current State of Education (Focus on IQ):

This chart visualizes the dominance of red, symbolizing the focused emphasis on energy and action in current education, primarily centered on IQ. The presence of other colors in smaller segments represents the underutilization of EQ aspects and other emotional and creative competencies in the current educational landscape.


Balanced State with EQ and IQ:

This chart (please read in colours), demonstrates a more harmonious distribution of colors, reflecting an educational approach that values both Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Intellectual Quotient (IQ). The balanced representation of colors like green, blue, indigo, and violet indicates a comprehensive focus on various human development aspects, including balance, calmness, intuition, and imagination, alongside cognitive skills.


"EQ or Not EQ...
That Is The Question"

Let's Imagine what 2030 could look like as a consequence of our action, or inaction ...

2 - A vibrant, harmonious city where green spaces are intertwined with colorful, eco-friendly buildings. People are interacting joyfully in community spaces, technology is seamlessly blended with nature, and the sky is clear and bright. This image reflects the positive transformation that could occur if Pixtoria's principles of balanced EQ and IQ integration are implemented today.

1 - A bustling, congested cityscape with gray buildings, heavy traffic, and people in a hurry. The sky is smoggy, indicating pollution and a general feeling of stress and disarray. This scene represents the world if current trends continue without an emphasis on emotional intelligence and holistic education.

Choose Responsibly

What's it going to be...
Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Now, which world do you want for your children?